All about me

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My name is Leonard Atherton, most people call me Len or Lenny, and I am a member of the United Kingdom Coloured Pencil Society.   I live and work in the beautiful part of the world that is Lytham St. Annes.

I started drawing at school, a trillion years ago, using only graphite pencils which, in a 60’s comprehensive school, were cut down to around 3 inches per student and the paper we used was any that was available at the time.

I had always loved to draw but coming from a working class world a career in art was not what was expected of any young man leaving a council school with a certificate in “how to get by.”

My life since those youthful, heady days has been varied and unusual to say the least.   In 1977, I became a professional singer and was lucky enough, over the next 30 years, to sing all over the world supporting many stars in the entertainment business.

After music I tried to get a normal job but this proved far easier said than done.   Consequently I tried to obtain, what I could not at school, a decent education.   Eventually this endeavour led to a place at Manchester University, studying Politics and Modern History, before gaining employment with Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council.

However after 5 years my health took a turn for the worse, and depression and anxiety is not something that can be remedied easily.

The return to drawing has, in many ways, been my salvation although how my wife puts up with my tantrums when things are not going well, I simply don’t understand.

Art is personal to everyone but when I draw I try to make my subjects come to life, I try to make them speak, I try to breathe life into them, as they breathe life into me.