My Tools

I work solely with coloured pencils and pastels, the former usually associated, until only just a few years ago, with school children and colouring books.   However during the last 10 years artists such as Alyona Nickelsen, Ann Kullberg in the USA and Karen Hull in Australia, along with many others, have striven to bring this medium into the world of fine art.

The pencils I work with are by Faber Castell – Polychromos,  Caren d’Ache – Luminance and Derwent – Lightfast.   These pencils can either have a wax or oil based core, however the formula of the pigment is usually a closely guarded secret by the manufacturers.

One other important fact regarding pencils is that professional pencils, as those noted above, have been given the grading of “lightfast” which is to say the colour they produce will not fade in sunlight.

The paper I use is also very important and comes in various guises.   Many coloured pencil artists use watercolour paper, which can be cold or hot pressed, the former being more grainy than the latter.   Paper also comes in different weights, but in short, the heavier it is, the more substantial it is.

I prefer to use Clairfontaine Pastelmat but I also use Fabriano Artistico hot pressed watercolour paper and Stonehenge Fine Art Vellum, all of which are acid free.

In short, all this means is that any work that I produce, whether that be originals commissions or prints, should last a lifetime, keeping the memories of your loved ones and past times as bright and as vibrant as the day you purchased them from me.

On my tutorial page you will find much more information regarding coloured pencils, paper and the techniques I use to create these wonderful works of art.